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Today: 8/20/17


Valley is proud of its cultural and ethnic diversity.  Among our student body, you will find descendents of Albuquerque’s founding fathers, as well as those who have recently arrived in the United States.  There are several neighborhoods within our attendance area–Los Duranes, Los Griegos, Los Anayas, and Los Chaves–which are named for families whose ancestors settled here over 300 years ago.  Streets bearing their names are dotted throughout the North Valley.  Their descendents presently represent Valley High students and staff.

Follow the Vikings







1. Date to announce; 8-17, 18:  Attention Vikings! You received a Temporary ID when you registered for school. Picture Day for ALL VIKINGS is Monday, August 21st! You will go to the Gym Lobby through your Social Studies or Health classes to take your Yearbook/ID Picture. You may take “Buddy Pictures” at lunch in the Gym Lobby. Teachers and Staff my go at any time between 7:15am-2:00pm. Your picture will not only be in the Yearbook but, will be your ID picture too!


2.  Date to announce; 8-17, 18Students PLEASE DO NOT put a lock on a locker that you are not assigned - lock will be cut off.  Do not put your books in another locker that you are not assigned. You many lose your books and personal belongings.  You are responsible for your books and belongings.  If there is an issues with your locker come to the office to see Mrs. Halbert during your passing periods, before school, at lunch or after school.


3.  Date to announce; 8-16, 17, 18If you are interested in playing football for the Vikings, please see Coach Chavez in the gym. You must have a physical completed in order to be issued your gear.


4.  Date to announce; 8-16, 17, 18, 21:  If you are registered for the Academic Career Exploration or JMP course, the first class meeting will be on Tuesday 8/22 at lunch in the Lecture Hall.


5.  Date to announce; 8-17, 18, 21Students, get involved in your school by joining the Library Book Club! The Book Club will meet every Tuesday in the Library during lunchtime, starting next Tuesday, August 22. Club officers will be selected at first meeting and you will learn how to earn an academic letter for participating in club activities. Bring your summer reading book to first meeting. Sign up to join the Book Club in the library; see our school librarian for more information.



  1. First Period Tardy Control Center begins Tuesday! If you are late for 1st period you MUST report to A9. You will remain in A9 for the entire class period. Random tardy sweeps have started. After 3 tardies you will be assigned After School Detention and if you continue to be late, Saturday School. Be On Time Vikings!
  2. Student Parking Permits MUST be displayed by Thursday, August 24th. Otherwise you will get “stickered.” Permits may be purchased BEFORE and AFTER school with Mrs. Vargas. Staff Parking Permits MUST also be displayed by Monday, August 21st. See Mrs. Vargas for your Staff Permit.
  3. The partial eclipse is on Monday and we must all protect our eyes.  Not all Eclipse goggles meet the standards for eclipse viewing.  Many places have run out of solar eclipse glasses. A few libraries still have some available for free, only 1 pair per library patron.  Mama's Rocks & Minerals (800 20th Street) has just received a new shipment.  The cost is $1.99 / pair. They are also available at many hardware stores & at Walmart usually for $1.00 to $2.00.  Check for the safety rating on the glasses.    It is believed that Galileo’s blindness was due to looking at the sun.  Protect your eyes.  Or watch the eclipse on-line or indirectly with a pinhole device.

Valley High School is a Gen Yes School


Video:  Accessing APS Student Google Accounts - English

Video:  Accessing APS Student Google Accounts - Spanish
 Click on the picture below to view this video  Click on the picture below to view this video
2nd Period Gen Yes Students: 4th Period Gen Yes Students:  2nd Period Gen Yes Students:
Jasmine Ortiz Maria Perez   Jasmine Ortiz
Emma Sanchez   Deshae Quillen  Emma Sanchez
Alejandro Trujillo     Alejandro Trujillo


VHS Gen Yes Website (click on the link to the left):

More Creations, Pictures and Information


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A dozen Albuquerque Public Schools students are being trained to become technology teachers.

The program is part of a national program called Gen YES. A dozen students grades 3 through 12 from seven different schools are receiving training to help teachers integrate technology in the classroom. They will teach their classmates and teachers how to use things like iPads and computers as well as different apps and programs


Students interested in participating in the Gen Yes program should see their Counselor, Ms. Tess Sanchez (9th Grade Dean of Students or Mrs. Miriam Shaw (Technology Coordinator/Gen Yes Facilitator).


 (Click on the logo below to view video)